Q: What is the goal of LNT U?

A: The goal of Leadership North Texas University is to educate the next generation of regional leaders. This four-month program provides professional development skills as well as conversations on critical issues impacting the future of North Texas. 

LNT U creates a hub of millennial ambassadors that develop strategies for their peers to be engaged and involved within the region.

Q: Why should I apply?

A: Millennials are the largest demographic group in the workforce today and LNT U provides the necessary regional knowledge needed to be successful leaders in North Texas. The program will also provide participants with exposure to CEOs, executives, regional elected officials and members of the North Texas Commission Board of Directors and Leadership North Texas alumni.

Q: Who is eligible to participate in the program?

A: LNT U is open to young professionals under the age of 35 who demonstrate a dedication to North Texas.

Q: What will participants learn?


Q: What are the meeting dates?

A: Participants going through the LNT U program will learn about our diverse region's demographics, infrastructure, education and sustainable development. They will also learn about the challenges we face as a rapidly growing region. Lastly, participants will have to opportunity to learn necessary soft skills like the art of networking, leading up and how to mitigate workplace conflict.

A: Leadership North Texas University meets once a month over four months. Class 5 launches with with an overnight retreat January 24, 2020, program days February 21, March 20, and and April 17. Members of LNT U Class 5 will graduate with Leadership North Texas on May 15.

Q: What is the tuition cost?

A: The tuition cost for each participant is $1,500. If students do not have the ability to pay tuition, they can request financial aid. Students can also be sponsored by an employer or co-worker. Tuition must be paid by January 10, 2020.

Q: What can I do to continue my experience after LNT U has completed?

A: We encourage each and every LNT U participant to spread the information they learn throughout the program. Each participant will become an ambassador to the North Texas region and a voice for his/her generation. LNT U will also be looking for stand-out participants that will have to opportunity to apply as counselors for the next year of LNT U. As counselors, they will help plan the program’s agenda, recruit participants for the program, and help manage the content posted on the LNT U blog and social media networks.

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